Our Pet Coffin Materials

Seagrass Pet Coffin

 At My Pet Coffin we care about providing beautiful tributes which live up to your special pet’s memory and give them the send-off they deserve. We are also passionate about using natural and sustainable materials in all our products to ensure we are considerate to the environment. We provide four different types of pet coffins, each made from different natural materials: Seagrass Pet Coffins, Willow Pet Coffins, Water Hyacinth Pet Coffins and Rattan Pet Coffins.


Our Seagrass Pet Coffin is crafted with cane and green-toned yarns of twisted seagrass. The seagrass used is grown in coastal paddy fields which are flooded with seawater throughout the year. These fields are carefully managed to promote a continued cycle of growth and renewability. It is a natural material and is therefore biodegradable, and will completely break down in the earth.


The Willow Pet Coffin is handwoven with wands of willow by traditional basket weavers using age old methods that have changed very little in over 2000 years. The willow itself is grown in beds, which once planted, last up to 60 years. In that time, it will only need very basic maintenance and will be harvested annually. This harvested willow grows back to its original height within a year, making it the perfect renewable material. As it is grown in fields, willow also integrates with its surroundings exceptionally well, providing a natural habitat for many species of wetland bird and animals. One of the many benefits of willow is that it is carbon negative due to carbon sequestration. This means that during the growth of the willow crop, CO₂ becomes trapped under the soil reducing the amount of CO₂ released into the atmosphere. It is by far the ultimate in sustainability. Find out more about the environmental benefits of willow here.

Water Hyacinth

We also offer a Water Hyacinth Pet Coffin which has a warm, biscuit coloured hue. Water hyacinth is a readily-available plant that grows naturally on fresh water throughout South East Asia, and is incredibly fast-growing. The leaves are cut and dried before the strands are then woven into plaits around the casket, creating a beautiful vertical pair weave pattern.


Our Rattan Pet Coffin is light in colour and is woven with cane, an off-white toned natural material. Cane is the inner core of rattan with the bark stripped away. The rattan used in our pet caskets is harvested from the forests of South East Asia and much like a vine, the rattan clings and grows to existing forest trees. Rattan has been known to grow as much as six meters in a year, making it an impressive renewable material.


Each pet coffin has been designed with sustainability in mind, ensuring the materials used are friendly to the Earth. Holding an environmentally friendly send-off with a natural pet coffin may feel comforting and particularly fitting for your pet as it provides a sense of bringing them back to nature.