Questions & Answers

How do I know what size coffin to get for my pet?

Please refer to our Pet Coffin Size-Guide to help you decide which size is suitable for your pet.

How much weight can your pet coffins hold?

Each of our pet coffins can carry up to 50 kilos. 

Am I allowed to bury my pet in my garden?

Yes, you can bury your pet in the grounds of the home it lived in, as long as you own the home and the animal is not hazardous to public health. Make sure it is away from water sources. 

How soon do I need to bury my pet after they have passed away?

It is recommended that you wait 2 – 3 hours after death to ensure they have passed away. If you would like to wait a long period of time before burying, you should look into refrigeration or freezing your pet. You may want to ask your vet for space in their mortuary refrigerator. 

Do I need to buy liners for the pet coffin?

All our pet coffins come included with a cotton liner and pillow, so there is no need to buy additional liners unless you so desire.

How deep should I bury my pet? 

Generally, your pet should be buried at least three feet deep to prevent the site from being disturbed.

How long does it take for my pet to fully bio-degrade?

This will vary depending on soil type, climate and the size of your pet. It can take anywhere from 6 months to 18 years to bio-degrade completely. 

How do I have my pet cremated?

Your vet will have advice regarding local pet cremation, or research online. Usually cremation can be individual for your pet, so you can get only your own pet’s ashes back, or with other pets at the same time. 

Can I bury my pet’s ashes in my garden?

Yes, as long as the area is away from pipes or utilities. Make to sure to consider what you would do if you move home.

Can I keep my pet’s ashes in the home?

Yes, ashes can be kept in ashes caskets on display in your home.

Can I scatter my pet’s ashes anywhere?

Your pet’s ashes can be scattered on land, but you do need the landowner’s permission. If you are considering scattering the ashes over water, make sure the site is away from buildings, swimmers and marinas. It needs to be more than 1 kilometre upstream of any abstraction of water and should be scattered as close to the surface of the water as possible.

How do I scatter my pet’s ashes?

You may scatter your pet’s ashes in a one of our Ashes Scattering Tubes, specifically designed for scattering ash. Please take a look at our Ash Scattering Guidance to find out how to use them.