About Us

We know the joy of sharing your life with a much-loved pet, we also know how hard it can be when your loved one is lost. Providing your companion with a natural final farewell, and offering a special tribute to their memory is at the heart of everything we do at MyPetCoffin. Finding a way to say goodbye is often a comforting first step when handling bereavement.

MyPetCoffin began after our own family dog, Willow, passed away. Losing her highlighted the importance of being able to create a special send-off for a furry member of the family, and we were surprised to discover how little options were available for pet funeral items. This prompted us to use our own experience in the funeral industry to provide pet owners with greater choice.

Our existing family business, Somerset Willow, has over 60 years of expertise in basket making, and has been manufacturing and supplying the funeral industry with woven willow coffins for over 20 years. Drawing from this experience and extensive knowledge, we realised we could provide quality, environmentally-friendly coffins specifically for pets. This prompted the fruition of MyPetCoffin.

We believe in providing families with tributes of the highest quality. Each casket we supply is handwoven by traditional craftsman with dedication and care, resulting in a finish that is second-to-none. Only natural and sustainable materials are used, ensuring all our coffins are environmentally conscious. Providing families with quality choices is of utmost importance to us and hope that in some way, our selection of natural caskets will give your beloved friend the special send-off that they deserve.